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In-House Technical Services & Turnkey Solutions

Witt O’Brien’s provides geological, surveying and engineering support services, by leveraging in-house technology experts and teaming partners to provide exceptional turnkey planning solutions for our clients.

Furthermore, we offer various 3D modeling solutions to industries like oil & gas, aggregates, construction, utilities and more. The amazing accuracy of photogrammetric modeling paired with the capturing ability of drones supported by GNSS integrated network rover (GPS/ Cellular) field equipment and boots-on-the-ground data truthers, allows us to offer cutting-edge dike and containment surveys to our clients.

Our enhanced techniques allow decision makers to more accurately make critical decisions, especially when it comes to volumetric accuracy of dikes. Our teaming partners and in-house experts specialize in operating drones (UAS), conducting traditional surveys, processing the data and delivering actionable solutions to our clients.

Enhanced surveying using drone technology provides the following solutions:

  • Cuts time in most cases to less than a day for an average sized terminal
  • 3D Photogrammetric Modeling
  • Topography maps
  • Tank inspections
  • Air emission inspections, reporting & analysis
  • Enhanced tactical pre-planning plans
  • Surveying
  • Containment Design / Improvement
  • Drainage Studies
  • Phase I-IV (Assessments & Remediation)
  • Soil and Water Sampling / Drilling
  • Dike, drainage, and facility control designs
  • Environmental Engineering

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